Back-to-School Time: How to Buy the Best Car for a Student

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It's August, and students from Jefferson College, SLU, Maryville University, UMSL, SCC, and Lindenwood University are heading back soon to start a new semester.

Whether you're living on campus or off, having access to a car could be a huge benefit for students who want to get the most out of their school year--and instead of begging or bribing friends or constantly hunting for Ubers, you could get your first car on a budget.

AutoCenters Herculaneum offers a huge range of used cars, trucks, and SUVs at affordable prices, and our guaranteed financing program means that you could be approved for a loan in just minutes.

We've talked before about the best cars for first-time buyers, but which cars could be the best for college students, specifically?

Check out vehicles like:

  • Honda Civic -- fuel efficient and long-lasting
  • Toyota RAV4 -- versatile and not too expensive
  • Toyota Tacoma or GMC Canyon -- capable and functional
  • Ford Focus hatchback -- fun, peppy, affordable

There are a number of great used cars for students for sale at our local dealership serving the St. Louis area.


Parents--if you'll be helping your college student to finance their back-to-school car, you can get in on the action as well; ask our team about trading in your current vehicle to upgrade to something a little nice for yourself. We have inventory to fit all lifestyles and budgets.


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