Build Good Credit While in College

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August is our month to focus on tips for students who will be returning to school soon, and we've got more for you.

If you're a college student and you feel like you're struggling to get a hold on your understanding of car financing or credit scores, we encourage you to explore our blog and read more about Credit Tips, pros and cons of car financing, auto loans, and more.


Why is Good Credit Important in College?

You may not think you need to care about your credit score just yet, but it's never too early to start building good credit.

A better credit score now means that you'll qualify for lower interest rates later if you go the route of loan consolidation, or if you want to rent a bigger/nicer apartment when you move off-campus or after you graduate.


Affordable Car Loans for Students

If you know you're going to need or want a car while in school, financing a car is one way to build credit--you get a solid, open account on your report, you can build your history of on-time payments, and you get that added mobility.

Ask us about our affordable car loans for students and first-time buyers, or check out our top cars for college.


Other Ways to Build Credit in School

If you can't afford to buy/finance a car, but you still want to start making good choices for your future, check out our tips for building good credit--like applying for a beneficial credit card, or becoming an authorized user on a friend's or family member's card.


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